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Where to plant in my garden?


Cowslips will naturalise well in a flowering lawn, and once happy will slowly form a clump, or spread around a lawn or mini meadow by seed.

Also well suited to the front of a border. 

Prefers well drained soil in sun or light shade


Flowers: Mar-May

Habitat: Grassland and woodland

Height: 10-15cm

Growth Type: Perennial

Position: Full sun to semi shade

Soil Preference: Neutral to calcareous






  • Primula veris


    5 Standard plug plants (27cc)


    An important spring nectar and pollen source for bees, butterflies, moths and other insects.


    A caterpillar food plant of the Plain Clay and Northern Rustic Moths and the Duke of Burgundy Butterfly, one of the most rapidly declining butterflies in the UK.


    A beautiful site in spring! 


    Advised to plant in informal groups to encourage recognition and attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

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