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Where to plant in my garden?


Very attractive at the back of a border. Preferring well-drained neutral or acid soil. Once a few plants have established they should self seed well around the garden. Foxgloves are biennial, so they will flower in their second year.


All parts poisonous.


Flowers: June-Aug

Habitat: Woodland and hedgerow

Height: 50-150cm

Growth Type: Biennial-Flowering in second year.

Position: Shade, semi-shade or full sun.

Soil Preference: Acid to neutral





  • Digitalis purpurea


    1x Jumbo plug plant (70cc)


    The bell-shaped flowers of Foxgloves provide a perfect landing platform for bumblebees.

    A caterpillar food plant of the Lesser Yellow Underwing Moth, Foxglove Pug Moth and the very rare Heath Fritillary Butterfly.


    Advised to plant in informal groups to encourage recognition and attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

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