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Where to grow in my garden?


A sunny border or mini meadow, with well drained soil.


Flowers: May-Oct

Habitat: Grassland, brownfield sites, coastal cliffs and dunes.  

Height: 20-70cm

Growth Type: Perennial

Position: Full sun

Soil Preference: Neutral to calcareous


Oxeye Daisy

  • Leucanthemum Vulgare


    Jumbo plug plant (70cc)


    White daisy flowers produce a vibrant display from spring until the end of summer. 


    The yellow centres are made up of many small flowers which hold nectar, and are exploited by various pollinating insects, including butterflies, bees, hoverflies and beetles.


    Advised to plant in informal groups to encourage recognition and attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

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