In need of our help

The UK has lost a staggering 97% of our wildflower meadows since the Second World War and as a consequence much of the wildlife that depended on them.

The Wildflower Nursery grows a variety of British native wild flower plants at our nursery in Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Plants are grown from locally collected seed, or sourced responsibly within the UK.

We grow wildflower plants for meadows, gardens, community projects, habitat creation, wildlife gardens and urban landscapes. 

We have a wonderful selection of Wildflower Plants in our nursery and if you have a specific plant you’re looking for we would love to help you. The Wildflower Nursery can also grow to order; please let us know in advance to ensure we deliver the best possible service.

We offer discounts for larger orders.




Many native wild flowers are overlooked by gardeners nowadays in favour of exotics and hybrid varieties, even though these often have little value for insects. It’s a magical experience to grow plants that have been in our homeland for millennia and to see first-hand the biodiversity they encourage.

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